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AARP Capitalizing on Trustin Seniors

Thinking that the AARP would have his best interest in mind and save him money on both health and car insurance, Arthur Laupus joined the organization. Later, when comparing his rates to that of comparable plans not endorsed by AARP, he was shocked to find that he was paying twice the rate of average. This is due to the fact the AARP takes a cut of his premium before sending the rest to the insurance company.  Laupus thus found something that millions of unsuspecting members were being victim to, that the AARP collects hundreds of millions of dollars from senior’s premiums each year. While the original design of the organization was to help seniors, it has become more about collecting money to pay down their debt and there is certainly a conflict of interest. How do you think the economy will affect this organization? As people are forced to become more informed consumers, will the AARP lose its members?

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