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The National Association of Insurance and Financial advisers have helped agents stay in the health reporting ballgame, Thomas Currey said here at the group’s yearly gathering.
Currey, the outgoing president of NAIFA, Falls Church, Va., talked regarding the health legislation fight here through the opening sitting of the 4-day meeting, which has paying attention about affordable life insurance and financial services professionals.
Currey says NAIFA helped get better the Affordable Care Act, the lawmaking package that include the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by causative to the battle to block formation of a government-run “public option” diagram.
NAIFA also played an important role in the fight to ensure that consumers will continue to have access to licensed insurance agents, and to cut out a provision that would have let the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set agent commissions, Currey says.
Currey said, “Agents are still an essential part of the delivery of health care products to their clientele”. “[They] carry their expertise, ability and very good service to help customers make the correct healthcare choices.”
Currey cited lawmaking victories in the fight over the new Wall Street Reform and customer Financial Protection Act:
- overcrowding proposals to tax life products.
- Persuading Congress to comprise a provision indexing the novel Affordable Care Act supple spending arrangement involvement cap for inflation.
- Thwarting hard work to appeal the incomplete antitrust exemption afforded insurers by the McCarran-Ferguson Act.
- Stopping Congress from establishing “financial planning” as a familiar profession topic to an additional coating of oversight by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
- Warding off labors to have the new customer Financial Protection Bureau regulates insurance agents and departure plan service providers.

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