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California to Fight Gender Bias in Health Care

It has long been the case that women pay more than men for the same health care coverage, even when the women are equally healthy and the same age. This bias towards women has been explained by factors such as the fact that women more often use their insurance for preventative care and routine treatments. Men are more likely to skip these expenses, which ironically may lead to more expensive treatments later on. Women also experience pregnancy, but even policies which exclude maternity coverage are more expensive than comparable policies for men. The City of San Francisco is therefore challenging legislation that makes this an acceptable practice. Gender rating is illegal in 10 states so far, and Caifornia is working to be added to the list. Those involved say the practice is not only unfair, but that it places the burden on the state when women cannot afford coverage and must seek government provided care. Do you think more states will work to eliminate the practice of gender biased health insurance premiums?

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