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Car insurance cost updations

Be careful when arranging insurance cover as there is confirmation that car insurance companies are hardening their attitude to settling claims. AA director said that It is absolutely essential that you are fully honest and truthful when taking out car insurance, Otherwise you risk losing all or part of your wrap in the event that you do have to make a claim.

In the context of very high motoring costs, many motorists are seeking to drive their price down and it appears that some are tempted to tell the insurance company what they think they want to hear.
This may reduce your premium but is very much a false economy,” warned Mr Faughnan. “An insurance company is within its rights to deny part or your entire claim if you have been less than completely truthful.

In previous years you were more likely to get away with it but there is evidence that this year insurance companies are taking a much harder line. Expect any claim to come under much closer scrutiny than before. You might think you’ve got away with it when you receive your insurance cert but that won’t help you when it comes to making a claim.
Mr Faughnan added that insurance companies preserve a shared database, called Insurance Link, on which details of all claims and claimants are maintained.

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