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Colorado Governor Unveils Proposal to Expand Coverage

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, surrounded by health care, business leads, and legislatures from both sides of the debate, recently unveiled his proposal to make health care more accessible to Colorado residents and reduce the number of uninsureds and those dependent on publicly funded health insurance programs. House Bill 1293 has been months in the making, and Ritter feels that it is the answer for Colorado’s future. The idea is to collect fees from health care providers which will be matched by federal funds which will be invested in the health care system. The bill could generate enough funds to cover between 100,000 and 200,000 Colorado residents and would extend care to a greater number of children and pregnant women. Not everyone is thrilled with the proposal, including the hospitals which will be paying the fees, but Ritter still feels that more people will come out on top in the end. Read more about it here. What are your thoughts on the strategy?

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