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Fewer families get health coverage from workplace

According to a study released Tuesday by the University of Minnesota, The number of individuals who get health insurance through employers has dropped 10 percentage points in the past decade. Nationally, about 7.3 million fewer Americans now receive health care through the workplace, a drop of about 8 percentage points. Even those who still covered by their employers also are paying significantly more, part of a nationwide trend as companies shift the burden of paying for health care to workers amid skyrocketing health care costs. As a result, more people have turned to publicly funded health plans for insurance or have simply dropped coverage altogether.
Moderate- and low-income families were excessively affected by the drop in employer-sponsored coverage. Usage of public health care nearly doubled during this time frame, from 8 percent to 15 percent, still the ranks of the state’s uninsured grew from 7 percent to 9 percent. So there is need to focus properly on delivery systems and structures and the way we pay for services. A key component of the health insurance reform law will require large employers to offer coverage or pay a penalty that would help workers buy coverage through an insurance exchange.

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