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Finding the Right Health Insurance Policy

The task of shopping for health insurance is something that many of us consider with no small amount of fear, and it’s easy to understand why: completing paperwork and answering health questions. Group health insurance is quite frequently offered by an employer as part of an employment benefit package, which neatly cuts through most of the tangled shopping process and lowers the individual cost considerably. This advantageous situation has hidden risks, though: if you are ever in need of ongoing care covered by your company plan, you may very well find yourself essentially trapped at your current job due to the inherent costs and delays associated with finding new coverage or employment. Even worse, you might lose your job–and therefore your health insurance–and be left in an uncomfortable predicament while you look for another position with comparable benefits.

For those of us who are self-employed, an individual health insurance policy is usually the most likely choice; while health coverage offered through an employer can take advantage of discounted group rates, individual buyers can often expect to pay far more for the same policy. Lone consumers must therefore grab every advantage they can get when they shop for insurance, which means seeking out and comparing quotes from as many different companies as possible before making a decision.

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