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Legislative Efforts are needed by Florida’s Children

Florida’s Children First, is gearing up to fight controversial legislation that would limit the liability and accountability of private entities that provide services to vulnerable children .  The organization’s first target is House Bill 615/Senate Bill 966 which aims to impose liability limits on health care providers that contract with the state and whose client base is comprised 75% or more of individuals with disabilities and/or mental illnesses.  This not only affects adults, and senior citizens, but will affect a significant number of foster kids – as many as 30%, or 6,000, children in state care have some form of disability.

Now the question arises “What this bill says is that if a child is severely injured through malpractice or negligence by one of these private contractors, that child would be prevented from receiving fair compensation for their medical bills and long term care,” said FCF Executive Director Christina Spudeas. “The bill is cruel and targets Florida’s most vulnerable and defenseless citizens — persons who already were disabled or in foster care when they were injured or re-abused.”

The bill gives private health providers the same immunity that the State is afforded by capping the amount they would have to pay out if they hurt someone to $200,000 per incident.  The agencies stand to benefit at the expense of a human life.

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