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Georgia Health Insurance

A Georgia-based insurance manager has sued Financial Services, alleging its previous business associates conspired to deceive it out of millions in commissions it would have acknowledged from advertising Georgia health insurance plans to the National Baptist Convention, one of the largest U.S. African-American church groups.
Filed in Thomas County, Ga. Superior Court, Kingdom Insurance Group said its lawsuit focuses on a combined venture that it, United Health care and Protectors Insurance entered into in 2008 that’s a standard put into practice in the industry, planned to profit the three companies, and the church group’s 7.5-million members.

Kingdom said it would take act as a supervising universal agent between United Health care and Protectors, a small organization, and had restricted connection with the convention to market insurance policies to the churches and their members. Protectors would income from policies it sold on behalf of United Health care and Kingdom, while Kingdom said it would get commissions on United Health care policies sold by Protectors and other agents in its system.

“Kingdom accepted that United would widen its suite of insurance products, but lacked the system or associates to market them to the church, and Protectors had admittance to the church’s members, but lacked the huge network and products obtainable by Kingdom,” Michael P. Bruyere, an attorney with Fields Howell, Atlanta, who’s representing Kingdom, said in a statement.

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