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Health Insurance Problem Cannot Be Ignored

The fifty million Americans who are currently uninsured, and the additional 25 million who are underinsured, will no doubt be joined by a growing number of Americans who have lost their job in this unstable economy and will also be forced to choose between an absurdly expensive COBRA plan and having no insurance at all. Medical bills are one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy in this country, and desperately ill people flock to overpriced emergency rooms to deal with issues which could have been prevented otherwise. Experts are pointing to the employer based system of health insurance as the culprit, as several automobile manufacturing giants falter under the strain of exorbanant care costs for its employees. Obama feels that the issue of universal health care is not a matter of if, but of when and how. Do you think we will see some form of universal health care in our country within the next decade? Or will this reform attempt fall short just as prior ones have?  Please check out the Health Insurance Forum,, for more information on daily insurance news.  Get your updates here.  Your trusted source for health insurance news.

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