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Health Care Crusade

This country has seen more than one attempt at health care reform, but it may have an ununsually motivated ally in the form of a dying Senator. Edward Kennedy, who has been a leader in health care legislation over his 46 year career, is now battling a deadly form of brain cancer. With a desperately low chance of beating the disease, and a prognosis of as little as 18 months, Kennedy is making it his personal mission to¬†spearhead health care reform in the coming months. “Team Kennedy,” as it is known, is working hard to align the efforts of special interest groups and Congress to set the stage for action when Obama takes office at the beginning of the year. Kennedy’s life is now spent working toward fulfilling the dream of reasonably priced health care and coverage for the nearly 50 million uninsured Americans in this country right now. The public seems to be on board for a major change, do you think with all of the forces behind it, that the reform movement will succeed?

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