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Health Care Industry Working to Shape the Future

Edward Kennedy, the leading proponent for universal health insurance and health care coverage, has given lobbyists in the health care debate his blessing which may bring the debate one step closer to a consensus. Those who have been meeting secretly for months in a Senate hearing room to discuss the path which health care should take in this country are now embracing the idea that one key component of reshaping health care should involve requiring every American citizen to have health insurance. The talks have included industry leaders, providers, pharmacuetical companies, and consumer advocates, and while the decision is not unanimous, there enough of a majority to progress towards action. The next steps which need to be addressed include how to enforce the requirement for everyone to have health insurance; how to make insurance affordable to the uninsured; and whether to require employers to help buy coverage for their employees. Kennedy has a personal stake in the debate, as he is currently fighting brain cancer, and this has added a sense of urgency to the whole situation. How much will his influence affect the outcome of this reform plan as well as the speed in which it is delivered?

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