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Health Insurance and Its Benefits

Health Insurance is a form of medical insurance which covers the expenses incurred on medical treatment and hospitalization. It covers the individual and family against any financial constraints arising from medical emergencies. In case of sudden hospitalization, illness or accident, health insurance takes care of the expenses on medicines, ambulance, blood, hospital room, various medical tests and almost all other costs involved in treatment. Thus, by insuring one’s health, he ensures that if he pays an amount of health insurance premium every year depending on the person’s age, then till a certain limit of medical expenses, he/ she would be covered by the insurance company and will not have to spend it from his own pocket.

Benefits of a Health Insurance Policy
There are family floater policies which give the flexibility of covering up to 4 members of the family under the same plan with a slightly higher premium than an individual health insurance policy. There is a network of hospitals tied up with each insurance company which accepts the insured’s medical identity card (issued by the insurance company) for providing cashless facility to the insured. Hence either part or entire expenses are covered by the policy and the individual doesn’t need to spend from his pocket.

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