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Health Insurance approach

In the past decades, Americans have become familiar to health care plans that pay for everything-eye glasses, dental care, routine physicals, early detection tests, medications. This cover-all approach to health care is a radical departure from the defined purpose of insurance. Insurance is a method of having a lot of people-the broad membership-assists in covering the cost. When a possible but unexpected event takes place that would otherwise financially devastate the victim. Insurance by definition is not supposed to pay for anticipated events, such as purchasing new glasses, getting a physical so one can play sports, etc. In order to pay for all, health insurance has morphed into “health care plans” with premiums that have increased as well.
With the increase in rates and regular inaccessibility to cheap health plans, more people are now turning to Health Discount Plans. These plans provide a cheap alternative to the very expensive medical plans. To try to bridge the gap created by the high cost of medicare, Health Maintenance Organizations, started providing health plans at a cheaper rate. Of course the plans they offer are only the basics with its own draw backs. People with conditions like Diabetes, Cancer or other pre-existing conditions may not be fully covered in these types of plans.

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