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Health Insurance in North Carolina

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, college health insurance plans rank among the worst in the nation. Disreputable for low benefit ceilings, some as low as $2,500, and limited areas of coverage, student health insurance in North Carolina have become a factor in the decision of where to attend college.

Katrin Wesner, Director of the Abrons Student Health Center, says-lucky for us-the generalization that all college health plans are terrible does not represent us well.

Wesner said that last year when a parent would ask if it was a smart decision to take their student off the parent’s plan and purchase the school’s plan instead, she could not decently say yes.

Now, she can.

UNCW, together with the rest of the UNC system schools, is now part of a much bigger risk pool. The larger the risk pool, the lower the cost of coverage.

Last year’s voluntary plan did not cover preventative services; this year’s plan includes $500 of coverage for wellness services like physicals and routine OB-GYN exams. Wesner explained last year’s plan as “sickness and accident” insurance. This year’s plan is comprehensive, she said.

The co-pay for a visit to an urgent care facility for students on the colleges’ plan is $10, compared to $75 for North Carolina State employees, according to Wesner. The UNC plan is “better than many,” she said, although some other college plans do offer unrestricted coverage.

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