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Health Insurance Mandate Too Great a Burden on Students?

While Florida State University already requires students to carry a health insurance policy in order to take classes, other universities are considering the mandate. Florida State requires students to be covered by their own plan, or else choose from one of the University’s plans which cost between $929 and $1250 per year. The idea behind the rule is to not only protect students’s health, but to prevent health issues from causing drop outs, and by spreading the risk among a large population of students, it can help keep costs down for everyone. However, some people feel that the added burden of paying for health insurance on top of already rising tuition and book prices could result in many students no longer having access to an education. Do you think the benefits of health insurance outweigh the risk of deterring some students who may not be able to afford tuition and coverage? Is there some other way to keep the cost of health insurance within the reach of your average student?

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