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Fresh health insurance policies opening at must cover  with no charge — preventive care that’s backed up by the most excellent scientific proof. Most people will observe this advantage, part of the Obama administration’s health care overhauls, opening Jan. 1.
The list includes tests powerfully recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a self-governing advisory panel that evaluates research.
Of note for men: Screening for prostate cancer isn’t integrated on the catalog because its profit haven’t been decisively shown by the greatest research, at least to the high level necessary by the rule.
Of note to women: Those in their 40s and at standard risk for breast cancer can get a mammogram each one to two years as part of the free preventive care. That’s in line with American Cancer Society suggestion. But it’s extra generous than the Preventive Services Task Force, which says nearly all women don’t require mammograms in their 40s.
Lots of employer-based policy won’t be exaggerated by these new necessities if they are “grandfathered” under the health overhaul rule. But as those policies make substantial changes they’ll misplace their grandfathered status and then have to meet the necessities.

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