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Health Insurance Reform

The Medicare program has literally been a life saver for thousands of Lakewood seniors by providing healthcare to everyone 65 and over. For those who never had a job that provided health care or lost their health  when they lost their jobs, turning 65 is an important event signaling they are finally eligible for Medicare coverage and covered doctor visits. This is why it is so important to celebrate Medicare’s success and advocate for its future.
Join representatives from Sen. Brown’s office, Rep. Fudge’s office, and Rep. Kucinich’s office, along with state Reps. Mike Foley, Michael Skindell and soon to be state Rep. Nickie Antonio in supporting Medicare’s success, demanding no cuts to Medicare and Medicare for all. Why Medicare for all you say? Didn’t we just pass a health care reform bill?
The healthcare reform bill was an attempt to take on the many injustices millions experience in our current health care setup. Losing your health care when you lose your job, not being able to get any insurance because of pre-existing conditions, or having to throw a fundraiser to pay for the health care bills your insurance won’t cover to name a few. Yet the new reform bill still keeps health insurance plans in the driver’s seat leaving Ohioans to pay as much as 31% of health spending on administrative costs and profits to them. This is far higher than in other countries’ systems.
A Medicare for all style health care plan could save enough on administration to allow health care for all Americans without rationing. The “Health care for all Ohioans Act” H. B.159 would do just this. It would take our health care from the excesses of the market place and treat it as a public good as we do fire protection, public safety policing, and road work. When it passes all Ohioans would have medical, dental, vision, hearing, prescription drugs, emergency and rehabilitation care with no deductibles or co-pays.

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