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Most large and midsize companies provide health insurance as an employee benefit. Majority of people who have health insurance get it from the company they work for. If you are self-employed or work for a small company that does not provide health insurance, then you will need to buy insurance. Government also provides this coverage, if you are 65 or older, disabled, or have little or no income, such as Medicare and Medicaid. If you have job-related insurance, then your employer pays the monthly premium. A premium is the monthly fee that is paid to an insurance company or health plan to provide health coverage; including paying for health-related services. If you are self-employed, or buy your own health insurance, you pay the entire monthly premium.
Whether you get health insurance at work or buy your own insurance, your premium may be higher or lower depending on what type of insurance plan you choose. Plans that have high out-of-pocket costs most often have lower premiums and plans with low out-of-pocket costs have higher premiums. Also, a health plan that requires you to use a network of doctors and hospitals usually has a lower premium. You also will pay more for health insurance that covers members of your family.

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