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How to Maintain Health Insurance

Health insurance benefits become clear at that time when you worked for an employer that offered health benefits and when you decide to retire early or lose your job. Generally, when an employer offers health insurance coverage, the premium costs are split between you and the employer. Whether it is $20 or $300 per paycheck, you’re generally only paying a portion of the total premium in a large group plan. So, what happens when you are no longer employed and eligible for these benefits? If you’re married, is to check with your spouse’s employer to see what type of health coverage is available. Typically the employer-sponsored group plans will be the most affordable, so that should be your first resource. If that isn’t an option, you should also check with any associations or professional organizations that you or your spouse may be a part of as they can sometimes offer group plans.

Most of the time you would be eligible for COBRA and that could provide coverage for at least 18 months and possibly longer, but what happens when that runs out? At that time Health Insurance Portability is helpful. There are individual policies that will likely cost more than a group policy, but you can at least obtain full coverage without worrying about preexisting conditions being denied.

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