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Implementing Health Reform in North Carolina

National reform will not upend the way North Carolinians obtain insurance or health care. Most people will still receive coverage through work or purchase a policy from a -private insurer on the individual market. Seniors will still get their guaranteed Medicare benefits.

This is important because right now our health care system has too many holes and not enough nets. Over the next three years, health reform reverses this trend by building broader and stronger safety nets while -narrowing the cracks through which too many families fall. After reform is fully implemented in 2014, health care will be more accessible than at any other time in our state’s history. That is why North Carolina health insurance advocates and analysts are elated by the passage of comprehensive national reform.

Nevertheless, reform is a revolutionary shift in how we think about health care. No longer will we focus on whether or not a -particular person qualifies for a public -program or is eligible for private insurance. Instead, we will work to find where different individuals fit into the system. It will be assumed that everyone qualifies for -coverage.

Reform will inevitably help millions of -people across our nation, but the true test of this legislation is how it unfolds on the ground. How will it help the people caught in the whirlwind of everyday experiences? Over the past year, the North Carolina Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition has traveled the state talking to people of every political stripe about their health care -experiences. Here are a few stories that demonstrate the problems people face every day in our current system. None of the problems are simple.

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