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McCain’s Health Proposal Could Be Costly

While Obama’s health care proposal is somewhat based on tested methods, with similar plans actually in action, McCain’s proposal has been accused of being based entirely on theory and could spell financial disaster. For one thing, McCain’s plan would tax health insurance benefits for the first time, most likely spelling the end of employer provided health care. Instead, citizens would receive a credit to be used in purchasing their own plan. He would remove the state lines that restrict market competition. However, in doing so, it would allow companies to set up shop in states with fewer restrictions, allowing companies to offer policies with deceptively low premiums, but very high deductibles and fewer coverages. Also, companies would be able to hand select the most healthy to insure and dropping those people who are too expensive. This would leave people with prexisting conditions to seek out high risk pools. What problems are inherent in these high risk pools? What other complications and expenses are inherent in McCain’s plan?

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