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Not Invincible

Many people in their 20′s feel that they are young and healthy and that they don’t need the expensive of a health insurance policy. However, it could only take one trip to the emergency room, or one major illness and subsequent follow up care to spell financial ruin in a short amount of time. Experts recommend that once a young person is no longer insured by their parents, they should understand the importance of having their own coverage. Be it from a job, or a university (as many offer student policies), or through an individual provider, no one should be without coverage. To save money, young people can carry a policy with a high deductible, that way their premiums will remain low, but in the case of a major emergency, they will not be in completely over their head. Do you think more importance needs to be placed on making young people aware of their need for health insurance? Is there enough information available to these students and youths to encourage them to make this wise choice?

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