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Obama’s private meeting on health care

President Obama met privately with Senators Nelson, D-Neb and Olympia Snowe and R-Maine today to talk about the up and coming proposed health care plan. The congressional committees continue to discuss the $1.5 billion plan to renovate health care legislation. With the new proposed plan in effect almost 97 percent of US citizens will be insured. The new plan will make it mandatory for all people to purchase health insurance. If they do not purchase health insurance they will be forced to pay a fine. What is worse having to pay out of pocket for your medical coverage or getting fined by the government?

The new plan promises to eliminate co-pays and deductibles for anticipatory care and all insurance carriers will accept you whether or not you have a pre-existing condition. The proposed insurance plan will also include the notorious government run plan which will offer major competition to private insurance companies. What are your thoughts? Does this new proposed idea excite you?

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