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Oklahoma Proposes Hospital Fee to Reduce Number of Uninsured

The large number of uninsured citizens who are forced to go the the Emergency Room for care and then have the hospital write it off as a loss is seen as part of the reason health care costs are so high. The hospitals have to charge enough money to offset the losses they incure with these charity cases. In Oklahoma, a proposal has been introduced to charge a fee on hospital revenue and use it to provide health insurance for more of its uninsured residents. This in turn is hoped to reduce the number of uninsured patients hospitals are forced to care for, and therefor increase the revenue and offset the cost of the fee. This sounds like a very precarious balancing act which would rely heavily on the plan actually reducing the number of uninsured citizens seeking care in Emergency Rooms. How much education and effort would need to be made to make the public aware of the program and actually reduce the number of uninsured citizens? Could this proposal work, or will the hospitals instead face an even greater dent in their revenue, and drive costs much higher?

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