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Optigenex Inc. and DNA Wellness LLC Enter Into Supply and License Agreement in North America

Optigenex Inc. announced today it has signed an agreement with DNA Wellness LLC of Springfield, Missouri to license its patented technology AC-11(R) for distribution in the health care professional channel. Under the terms of the agreement, DNA Wellness will formulate a variety of nutritional supplements utilizing AC-11(R) as a core ingredient aimed at diminishing the biological processes that cause premature aging and supporting processes that contribute to wellness.

All-natural and standardized at 8% Carboxy Alkyl Esters is the only patented aqueous extract of the Uncaria species that can make the following therapeutic claims: DNA repair, immune enhancement, and inhibition of pro-inflammatory agents. Each of these claims is validated by a broad spectrum of scientific and clinical studies.

Daniel Zwiren, president and CEO of Optigenex Inc., said, “Educating the consumer about the therapeutic benefits of AC-11(R) is fundamental to the growing acceptance of our technology. To this end, in addition to the validations of our product on the clinical level, we are well served by a professional with the impressive resume and communicative skills of Doctor Hoover. Doctor Hoover is an authority in the field of functional health and wellness and has an enviable track record developing innovative wellness programs based on a combination of life style choices and focused nutrition. As we move forward, I believe Doctor Hoover and his established following of group health insurance practitioners and clients will become an integral part of the AC-11(R) educational process.”

Stuart Hoover, doctor of natural health and co-founder of DNA Wellness, said; “AC-11(R) offers us the ability to support cellular functional health by improving nutrient conversion into the cell allowing for improved energy production and function. By supporting cellular functional health, the cell now has the opportunity to ‘express wellness.’ As the functional health and wellness of our bodies are either won or lost at the cellular level, it only makes sense to focus the support there.”

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