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Private Health Insurance

Different companies offered private health insurances but all these insurances may vary slightly at certain levels, so first it is important to make the choice as to what kind fits your requirements. Whenever you decide to buy a private health insurance there are few issues that you have to tackle like, for whom do we need health insurance and how much health insurance will be enough. There are many options you have to choose from. The first choice to be made is between health insurance policies for family or separate health plan for everyone.
Family Floater Health Insurance
In a Family Floater, you decide for a sum assured for the family. That sum is available to all insured under the floater policy. It can be used by either or all the members insured up to the given sum insured. Premium depends upon the number of family members insured.
Individual Health Insurance
Individual health insurances, as the name suggests, taken for single individual. It can be bought for each family member separately. The sum insured in this case is available for the single person insured. Premium depends upon the age of the individual and sum insured. Each policy needs to be managed as a separate policy.

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