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Public Health Care Not Reaching its Intended Audience

For people like Alfredo Aranda, who easily qualified for a state funded health care plan but still cannot afford to pay the premium, public health care is failing to meet the needs of its intended audience. While these programs are aimed at helping to insure the thousands who are currently unable to access health care through other means, the price tag often remains too high to make a difference. Aranda had high hopes for the coverage, but when he found out that it would cost him $175 a month, he decided it was out of the question. When it comes down to paying for food and gas, or paying your health insurance premium, it is easy to see which priorities will win out. The Stamford Community Health Center has actually shown that 20 out of 23 people who qualify for assistance programs do not enroll, while another, larger health center reports about half of eligible people enrolling. This just means that the programs are not reaching those who they are designed to help. Is this just a sad truth given the current economic climate, or can changes be made to make public health care more affordable to the people who need help?

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