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Rural areas face more health care hurdles

According to a UnitedHealth Group report, residents of rural areas across the nation are more likely to have chronic diseases and face hurdles to getting quality care. More than half of patients travel more than 20 miles to receive specialty care, with the average person traveling about 60 miles. Expanding the nation’s broadband network is crucial to improving care, according to the study, because many illnesses can be handled over the Internet.

Rural care givers also see more patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, and are more likely to name drug abuse as top concerns than their urban counterparts, the study found. It requires a special skill set to practice in a rural area where you don’t have a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist in your back pocket. In general, primary care plays a bigger role in rural areas, even though there are fewer than half of the physicians relative to the population as compared with urban areas. There is need of provides health insurance coverage under a “qualifying arrangement. Now it is a requirement that adults who are not covered by their employers or by a government program must purchase health insurance or face a financial penalty.

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