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SCHIP Health Insurance for America’s Children

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program is one funded by the federal government but administered at the state level. The health insurance program was initiated in 1997 and allocates a certain amount of funds to each state during a three year period. States that use of all their funds and end up in a deficit are called Shortfall States, in which case they receive the funds left over from states that did not use all of their funds. Each state has different requirements for eligibility and administers the program in different ways. However, the program accounts for the insurance needs of nearly five million children across the country. As the economy continues to spiral downward, more and more states are finding themselves in the Shortfall category, with less states having unused funds to share. The program was up for reauthorization in 2007 with the additional intent to expand coverage to more than just people below the poverty level. Bush repeatedly vetoed this legislation and finally reauthorized the program with no expansion until March of this year. What will Obama do with the program now that he will be in office at the time of it’s next reauthorization?

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