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Short-Term Health Insurance

Some insurance policies offer that type of policies that are designed to tide people for short time with health insurance coverage. These policies are called short-term or temporary health insurance policies. Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous. These plans are very useful at this time and provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind. While it may be possible for you to find a short-term health insurance policy that will cover you for up to 36 months, most of these policies are limited to 12 months of coverage or less.

Short-term policies are ideal for healthy people who are going through some kind of transition – for example, recent college graduates waiting for health insurance benefits at their first job to begin. Short-term insurance policies do not give full coverage. If you’re going to this type of insurance, you must be satisfied with not getting the most possible amount of money from the insurance company. For those of you who are currently 60 years of age or younger, the short term insurance policy is recommended if you don’t have any coverage right now.

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