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State Combines Federal Funding with State Funding to Provide for Unemployed

While COBRA has long been an option for keeping health insurance coverage after becoming unemployed, many Americans have found the cost too high to take advantage of the coverage. Part of the recent stimulus package which Obama has signed into affect provides a subsidy for COBRA, making the premiums more affordable for unemployed Americans. Massachusetts has taken this one step further by continuing its state program, which has already been in place to make COBRA more affordable, and combining it with the stimulus funds to help the unemployed. Many Massachusetts residents have gone from premiums in the thousands, to premiums in the hundreds, or less. The state has prided itself in being generous with health insurance coverage, being one of the few states with a relatively small number of uninsured citizens. However, if the state can already afford to subsidize the COBRA program without the help of federal funds, should the federal money be directed to other, needier states?

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