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Mary Jerome, diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago, did not envision that fighting for her life would also mean fighting her insurance company. However, that sadly became apparent when her insurance company decided that many of her treatments and medications should not be covered. Refusing to to take the rejection without a fight, given her so-far sucessful fight against the disease, Mary wrote a letter to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to explain her situation. While her cancer had been in remission for two years but has since returned, Mary won the battle against the insurance company at least. They have reimbursed her thousands of dollars, and she is now covered under UnitedHealth Insurance. Through her efforts, UnitedHealth Group has even established an independent system to determine reimbursement rates. Is it just people like Mary who make the difference when it comes to bringing about change? What would happen if we all fought for our rights against greedy health insurance companies?  Read more at the Health Insurance Blog today.  Here you can find more insurance on insurance companies and the stories that arise daily.

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