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Universal life insurance plans now available

Universal life insurance plans are now available in most companies located in US. Paramount Life Insurance is now offering its universal life insurance products in all states.

Paramount Life Insurance is an affiliate firm, announced that its series of work site universal life insurance products, including Universal Life Events and Guaranteed Universal Life, are now available in the Empire State etc.
Universal life insurance is an exclusive type of coverage that offers many features to the holder. Generally speaking, it is also refers as permanent coverage that holds a cash value. Payments made to the insuring company in excess of the premium are added to the overall cash value. While some people do not want to add to the cash value this is a better idea because it earns interest every month. To go along with this, any unpaid premium amount or fees can also be deducted from the cash value.

How much interest value can you earn each month with universal life insurance? This is based on the company you are dealing with. The insurance company is in charge of setting the rate. In many cases this will be merged to a particular index . No matter what it is important for the policy holder to be aware of how they can collect interest and what it is based on. If you want to know more about universal life insurance write your view here.

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