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When Humanity and Profitability Conflict

It is the policy of our nation’s hospitals to provide care first and then deal with the ramifications of payment later. This seems the only humane course of action, as you would not expect someone to bleed to death or die of a heart attack while the hospital established insurance coverage or arranged for payment. Unfortunately, this means that millions of people receive care and then later either cannot pay for it due to lack of insurance, job, finances, etc, or are among the people who try to avoid their financial responsibility even if they can afford to pay. Sadly, this means that hospitals devote a large amount of time and energy to pursuing payments, setting up payment plans, and even fighting people in court. All of this manpower spent on pursuing payment does nothing but increase already rising medical costs. And then there are all of the cases which the hospital will never receive payment for, which also raises costs for the rest of us. However, if a universal healthcare system were in place, where EVERYONE had coverage, there would no longer be this question nor the dilemma of hospitals fighting for payment. Is universal healthcare the best answer for our country?

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